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Kids abacus
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About Kids abacus:
In Abacus method, only basic arithmetic’s are taught. Using this basic arithmetic’s, we try to develop the Concentration, Listening Skills, Visualization, Memory, and Speed in the children. Once the child acquires the above, naturally his/her self confidence will get improved and they will be able to answer any question put by teacher without fear. Since we are working with basic arithmetic’s, children will be able to calculate the sums faster and if any child has phobia for numbers, it will vanish. Admission for Abacus Training Program is open to all children, who are in the age group of 4 to 12 years and know how to read and write 0 to 9. Unlike schools, there is no specific period for admission. Students can enroll at any point of time. Once enquiries are received, we can form a new batch & conduct Abacus Training Program. If interested please call @732 395 2464
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