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Dj desi xtc - midwest's hottest desi dj
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About Dj desi xtc - midwest's hottest desi dj:
DJ Desi XTC has begun... Keeping in touch with the true rhythm of desi culture, the music had never gone mainstream. But has always stayed emotional and driving. Blending mixes of east and west, DJ Desi XTC break's with bhangra and desi remixes that gradually moves into hard driving techno and hip-hop music that will rock the dance floor. DJ Desi XTC has kept it unique, and riveting. From his residency in Illinois, to clubs and events throughout the Midwest U.S., he has brought unique sounds and beats to a wide variety of groups and people, and one constant has remained: He knows how to fill a dance floor. With desi dance music undergoing constant changes, the DJ must be continually evolving, or be left behind. DJ Desi XTC is in constant experimentation and evolution, and is constantly pushing boundaries of what the DJ can be...
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